Fusilli pasta with meat sauce

Net Weight: 300 gr. (170 gr. rice, 130 gr. sauce)
Storage: at room temperature in a cool and dry place
Shelf-Life: 12 months
Min Shelf-life from delivery date: 10 months
Transport Condition: temperature between 0°C and 25°C

Storage after opening: keep refrigered and consume within 24 hours

Ingredients(*): tomato pulp (tomato pulp, tomato juice, acidity corrector: Citric acid, durum WHEAT semolina paste, beef meat 11% , pork sausage 7% (pork meat, water, salt, sugars: dextrose, spices, flavourings, Acidity and 262, antioxidant and 300), tomato paste, extra virgin olive oil, CELERY, carrots, onion, red wine (SULPHITES), sunflower oil, butter (MILK), sunflower oil,  cheese powder (MILK), sugar, meat broth (CELERY), vegetable fiber, salt, aromatic herbs, spices, aromas.

(*) in UPPER CASE and bold allergens

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NUTRITION FACTS  referred to 100 gr. of products
Energy Value Kcal/kJ 183/765
carbohydrates 27,00 gr.
sugar 3,00 gr.
Protein 7,00 gr.
Fat 6,00 gr.
Saturated Fat 2,00 gr.
Fibers 1,20 gr.
Salt 0,70 gr.